What can I do if I cannot travel to Spain?

If you need to complete any transaction, legal matter, Court issue, contract signing, etc in Spain and it is impossible for you to travel to Spain, Reuters Solicitors can assist you.

Spain has been under strict lockdown since March 14th and it is impossible to travel to the country. It is expected to extend the lockdown until 25th June 2020, if everything goes as expected.

Spanish Government has divided the lockdown restrictions in four phases (cero, one, two and three phase). Changing from one phase to the other will depend on the good results of the previous phase. So, the lifting lockdown will vary from Spanish regions depending on the scale of infections in that zone.

Situation in United Kingdom is not even better. At the time of writing this post, United Kingdom is the second country with highest Covid-19 death toll, behind United Estates of America.

When will Spain return to normality?

We cannot predict when Spain will reach the normality, as we cannot know when the rest of countries will be free from the virus and safe. Any government can determine when land borders would be reopened as it is a worldwide health crisis.

The current ban on travelling from outside Europe’s Schengen area will remain in place until the European Union as a whole makes a decision to lift it. It’s not yet known how long this ban will remain in place but Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission President, has warned people not to book summer holidays.

There are voices that do not expect to come to “the new normality” until Christmas, and Emmanuel Macron, French President, suggested it could be not before September.

Spanish tourism sector is pessimistic about summer season, and they agree that the summer season will be lost this year. Tourist sector does not expect to come to normality until 12 months after lockdown is finished.

What can I do if I cannot travel to Spain?

We have received a great number of emails and calls from clients who need legal assistance in Spain due to the fact that they cannot travel to Spain.

If you need to complete any transaction, legal matter, Court issue, contract signing, etc our team of lawyers can assist you.

By signing a Power of Attorney (POA) in your home country, Reuters Solicitors will be able to represent you in Spain.

Reuters Solicitors will draft the Power of Attorney according with your circumstances and legal needs. We will prepare the signing so you can meet the Notary in your home town and legalize it.

Reuters Solicitors has a new service by which we will draft the POWER OF ATTORNEY in a bilingual version IN JUST 24 HOURS.

Whatever assistance you need in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us.

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