If you are thinking about selling your property in Spain, this is the blog you should read.

Selling a property in Spain

Reuters Solicitors provides full legal service in relation with property sales based in Spain.

Our English speaking lawyers will be willing to assist you with the sale of your property in Spain.

Legal service for selling a property in Spain.

Reuters Solicitors legal service includes the following:

A.- Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney will be necessary in case you cannot travel to Spain in order to complete the sale of your property.

Reuters Solicitors will draft a Power of Attorney so the client can legalize it in front of a Notary in his/her country.

You can read more about Power of Attorney through these links:




B.- Pre-study of the property in Spain

We will ensure that all requested documentation is in place prior finding a buyer.

This will save time once you receive an offer and will show prospective buyers that the property is free of charges, problems and issues.

C.- inding an Estate Agent

Reuters Solicitors recommends to hire the services of a good estate agent.

We will be able to recommend you a good estate agent who will market your property for an honest and fair price.

D.- Sale property offer

Once the estate agent finds a buyer we will provide the requested documentation to the potential buyer or his/her solicitor.

E.- Purchase Contract

Reuters Solicitors will negotiate all terms of the sale with the parties and we will draft a purchase contract.

At the time of signing the contract, we will ensure that the deposit is paid.  We will secure the amount during the process.

F.-Sale signing at the Notary

It is a common practise to attend a meeting at a Notary close to where the property is located, however, buyers can choose the more convenient for them.

We will attend the meeting at the Notary and we will assist you with the whole process. If you have not come to Spain, we will deal with the whole process on your behalf thanks to the Power of Attorney.

The sale will be legalized in a Public Deed signed by the Notary. The Public Deeds are the legal document which justify that the sale has been completed.

G.-Sale payments and taxes in Spain

Reuters solicitors will check all payments are made as per Law. Moreover, we will ensure that taxes are paid.

We will also transfer sale funds to your home country.

If you are thinking of selling your property in Spain do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you FREE CONSULTATION.