This is the blog you should read if you want to find a Property Bargain in Spain.

We will like to start this blog by saying that property bargains exist in Spain, although the process of finding them can be almost impossible for an individual without an extensive knowledge of the Spanish property market. This process can be a bit more difficult if you live abroad. The majority of people either use an agent recommended to them or search on the internet.

Estate Agent

We recommend to use the services of an agent in the purchase of your property as it is the safest way to not only find your dream property at a great price but to ensure that your purchase is completed correctly and is 100% legal. An established agent would understand your needs and he/she will seek the most suitable property as per your budget, requirements and ideas.

Reuters Solicitors recommends Spanish Best Homes Estate Agents in Costa Blanca (Alicante) and Costa Calida (Murcia). We have worked with them in lots of cases and we can assure that they have an impressive knowledge of the Spanish property market.

Our recommendation

We also recommend to visit Spain and view the property before bidding for the property. This is because searching for Spanish properties on the web won’t allow you to gain a true insight into the build quality of the property, the location/area of the property, and if may suit your personal needs.

This way you can get a real feel for the property’s location and size, and decide if it’s truly the property for you.


Although we recommend the use of an estate agent to find a property, we also recommend to hire the service of a solicitor who will be qualified for conveyancings. Buying a property in Spain involves a lot of paperwork which needs to be carefully checked. Hiring the service of a solicitor will avoid you legal matters and future problems.

Where to find a bargain property in Spain

There is some property portal to search for cheap properties in Spain, some of the most popular are:

But, if you want to find the cheapest properties in Spain, you need to seek at the Bank´s websites. After the Spanish Crisis, banks took properties backs in lieu of the mortgages which could not be paid by clients (see link), therefore banks have a great amount of properties which have to be sold in order to recover their investment.

Real bargain properties are in bank´s websites, so if you are looking for a great bargain, do not hesitate to contact their websites.

This are the most popular bank´s websites in order to find Property Bargains in Spain:

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If you have any question about buying a property in Spain, please get in touch with us.