“We give you the main clues in order to choose the proper professional who will deal with your purchase or sale (Conveyancing)  in Spain”. 

1. Good ways to choose a solicitor

The most important thing is to ensure that you are indeed dealing with a solicitor and not a person who is offering legal advice for which he/she is not qualified. You need to see the word Abogado under their name, and their law society number needs to be available.

The National Association Law “Consejo General de la Abogacia” allows you to make sure a person is a qualified lawyer in Spain. They have a census “Censo de Abogados” where you can check it. Follow this link to access the Census: https://www.abogacia.es/servicios-abogacia/censo-de-letrados/ (fill in the name (first box) and surname (second box) and it will tell you if he/she  is a lawyer in Spain or not (and his law society number)).

  • We recommend you to choose a solicitor who has been in practice for a decent amount of time.

This can be check in the link of the Census “Censo de Abogados https://www.abogacia.es/servicios-abogacia/censo-de-letrados/ as it will inform you the date when they got the qualification.

  • A good recommendation is a good point to take into consideration. You may ask other people who has have purchased a property in the area (neighbors, friends, …), or contact your bank manager in Spain for a recommendation.

Professional solicitors should provide a website link where you can read testimonials and recommendations from previous clients. In our case, you can check our client´s opinion through: https://www.reuterssolicitors.com/testimonials/

  • Another point to take into consideration is the English language level of the solicitor.  Make sure he/she is a person you can talk to and that his/her English is good enough  to enable in order to avoid any communication problemsl

Law in Spain is different from your home country so legal matters can be a complex and difficult issue to understand. You need a solicitor whose communications can be fluid and clear.

  • Make sure the solicitor will be a right person not just for dealing with your conveyance, but also your future needs regarding wills, probate, fiscal representation, inheritance etc.

2. Bad ways to choose a solicitor:

  • It is not a good idea to choose the solicitor simply because he/she has been recommended by the estate agent or builder. 

Just because the estate agent recommends a particular solicitor it does not mean that he is not any good. It is just that the recommendation needs to be taken with caution. An estate agent and a buyer’s solicitor have a clear conflict of interest, so it is better to follow the aforementioned recommendations to choose the suitable solicitor.

3. Colegio de abogados de Alicante

It is mandatory for a solicitor to be registered in a Colegio de Abogados. A solicitor cannot work as a lawyer unless he/she is registered in a Bar Association.

Reuters Solicitors´team belongs to Colegio de Abogados de Alicante (also known as ICALI) with is the Bar Association of Alicante region.

4. Recommendations

It is prudent to surf the net and look for recommendations and testimonials of clients.

In our case, Reuters Solicitors has been highly recommended by their clients. This are their testimonials.

Moreover, Reuters Solicitors has been commended by Advocate Abroad.

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