5 tips for buying in Spain

1.- Don´t sign any document without legal advice.

As per our experience, there are many foreigners who are deceived while signing contracts. Once contracts are signed, they are completely mandatory, so it is more than convenient to check before signing them. You will avoid big problems.

2.- Compare between 2 offers.

There are cases where you can obtain a better offer for the same asset by checking the property in another estate agent website.

3.- Bargain the offer

You can also bargain the offer with the seller. In Spain is completely normal. Do not hesitate to bargain the offer.

4.- Ask for documentation

We always recommend to ask for documentation (such us “Nota Simple”, purchase deeds, habitation certificate, etc.) before proceeding with the purchase of a property in Spain.  

5.- Spain is different!

Every region of Spain has its own features and rules while purchasing a property. It is more than convenient to contact an expert to avoid problems.

If you are buying a property in Spain, do not hesitate to contact REUTERS SOLICITORS.


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