Conveyancing in Spain

If you are thinking about buying a property in Spain, this is the blog you should read.


Reuters Solicitors provides full legal service in relation with property purchases based in Spain.

Our English speaking lawyers will be willing to assist you with the purchase of your property in Spain.

What does our conveyancing service include?

Reuters Solicitors conveyancing service includes:

Land Registry search

We will contact the land registry to check that:

  • The vendor is the legal owner of the property.
  • The property matches the registration.
  • The charges, mortgages, embargos, debts.

Correct Building Permissions

It is important to check that the property was built as per legal regulations. For that purpose, Reuters Solicitors will ensure that the property has a habitation licence.


As debts can be will registered against a property, it is essential to clear them prior purchase completion.

We will contact utility´s companies (water, electricity, community and council tax) and we will obtain update statements.

Purchase Contract and Deposit Payment

This point is essential for your peace of mind. Reuters Solicitors will draft the purchase contract and it will be signed between parties.

Deposit payment must not be done until the purchase contract has been signed by parties.

NIE Certificate

It is mandatory to obtain a NIE when purchasing a property. This is a fiscal number for non-residents.

Our service includes the application for NIE certificates.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

As per law, it is mandatory to obtain an Energy Efficiency Certificate before selling a property. Reuters Solicitors will ensure that this document is in place as part of our conveyancing service.

Spanish Bank Account

REUTERS SOLICITORS will open a Spanish bank account as part of our conveyancing package.

Once you purchase a property in Spain, you will need to make payment of various bills. By the Spanish bank account, those bills will be paid by direct debit.

Therefore, Reuters Solicitors will set up the utility accounts in your name and we will order payments through your Spanish bank account.

Completion Statement

Prior to completion you will receive a Completion Statement which details all of the associated costs of purchase. The main disbursements are the Land Registry Fees, Notary Fees and Property Transfer Tax.


In case you need a mortgage, we will provide different financiation offers from several Spanish banks.

Power of Attorney

Many clients are not able to be present in Spain on completion day. We can draft a Power of Attorney to enable us to sign for the purchase on your behalf.

Notary Signing

The signing of the purchase property will be done it a Notary. The completion will be confirmed by title deeds.

Reuters Solicitors will pay taxes and bills on your behalf. We will also send the title deeds to registration at the Land Register.

Once the whole process is finished, we will provide the original deeds to you.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact REUTERS SOLICITORS for free consultation.