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      Lawyers, solicitors and Tax advisers in Alicante and Murcia

      We are a Consulting Firm composed by Lawyers and Tax Advisers  located in Alicante and Murcia which offers skilled and professional services in many languages. We can assist you in all the Spanish territory including Canary and Balears Island. 

      Our professionals  are registered at their respective Lawyer and Economist Bar Associations.

      Any request, we handle it

      We settle your Non-Resident Tax from just 90€
      Set up your S.L from 500€ complete procedure
      Sole trader accounting from 50€/month

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      “Any request, we handle it”. We understand how difficult any problem arising in Spain can be. We pay great attention to matching your requirements with the right skills and expertise. Determination, professionalism and due diligence are our basis.
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      Represent your interest with the best advice, guidance and execution. We place huge importance on client legal,administrative or economic issues based in Spain.

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      If you’ve got a problem regarding to this matters, it’s better to count on an experience solicitor we will take care of your case personally.

      Corporate Law

      We help you to set up your own branch in Spain. You ask we do!

      Citizen Services

      You can count on us to help you in all the task that you need to be resolved with all the guaranties. You ask we DO!


      Our tax-accounting department will settle your liabilities and offer you full assistance so that you can keep your mind in peace ,now and for the future

      Labor Law

      Even if you are employer or employees, we help you to strike the balance in your favour.

      Contested Administrative procedure

      If you have got any problem with the public administration due to negligences feel free to require a free consultation.
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      What is Dacion en Pago?

      Dacion en Pago or Dation in Payment (handing back the keys to the lender) If you are in trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments or you might fall in arrears soon, this is the blog you should read. Definition Dacion en pago (dation in payment) means handing the...

      New Law! Express eviction against squatters

      Eviction against unknown occupants (commonly known as eviction against squatters) has its own regulation since July 2nd 2018, thanks to the so-called "anti-squatter law". In particular, it is regulated through article 250.1.4º II of the Civil Procedure Law (Ley de...

      Cancelling your mortgage at the Land Registry

      If you economically cancel your mortgage with the bank but never inform the Land Registry, the mortgage will still be registered against the property. If you decide to sell your property, the buyer will find out that there is a mortgage against the property and he/she...

      Anti Money Laundering (AML) in Spain

      The criminalization of money laundering was added to the penal code in 1988 when laundering the proceeds from narcotics trafficking was made a criminal offense. In 1995, the law was expanded to cover all serious crimes that require a prison sentence greater than three...

      Divorce in Spain

      In this post, we explain you how to get divorce in Spain. Getting a divorce in Spain is a relatively straightforward process provided both parties agree on the appropriate arrangements for children and assets (Mutual Agreement). The divorce law in Spain is no-fault,...

      Will in Spain “Testamento”

      During times of bereavement, your family and friends can go through an incredible amount of stress and pain.  If you own property in Spain or any other assets in the country, such as money in Spanish bank accounts, it is highly recommended to make a Spanish Will.  By...

      Floor Clauses in Spanish Mortgages

      Some Spanish mortgage lenders have been overcharging borrowers using illegal ‘floor’ clauses that limit the minimum interest rate they can charge. Borrowers with mortgages in Spain taken out in the boom years could be entitled to a substantial refund…

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