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      “I have worked with the Reuters Solicitors team before and it was a pleasure. They helped me to get credit to start my business. Without their help and experience it wouldn´t have been possible. They are a true professional team. I will count on them the next time.”

      Dani Rodríguez - Alicante Marketing

      I was a client of Salud Andreo for several years. During this time she was able to help me in a very big way to win a Court case against a bank in Spain, and not only win the case but got the bank to take back my property I had in Spain and write off all the costs.

      Brian Martin - London

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      “You ask, we do”. We understand how difficult any problem arising in Spain can be. We pay great attention to matching your requirements with the right skills and expertise. Determination, professionalism and due diligence are our basis.

      Our Mission

      Represent your interest with the best advice, guidance and execution. We place huge importance on client legal,administrative or economic issues based in Spain.


      Civil Law

      If you’ve got a problem regarding to this matters, it’s better to count on an experience solicitor we will take care of your case personally.

      Commercial Law

      We help you to set up your own branch in Spain. You ask we do! 

      Citizen Services

      You can count on us to help you in all the task that you need to be resolved with all the guaranties. You ask we DO!


      Our tax-accounting department will settle your liabilities and offer you full assistance so that you can keep your mind in peace ,now and for the future

      Labor Law

      Even if you are employer or employees, we help you to strike the balance in your favour.

      Contested Administrative procedure

      If you have got any problem with the public administration due to negligences feel free to require a free consultation.

      Have a case or a question about our services? Please get in touch!




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      + 34 686 602 953

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