Reuters Solicitors always recommends to legalize a will/testament which covers properties and other assets based in Spain.

Should I make a Spanish will?

As previously said, Reuters Solicitors recommend you to make a will regarding your assets in Spain.

By making a Spanish will you will ensure your assets will be given to your heirs as your wished.

Moreover, a will avoids an incredible amount of stress and pain to your heirs as a will reduces the legal times and worries.

What assets does my Spanish will cover?

The Spanish will cover those assets located in Spain. You should have a foreign will to cover any assets that you have in other countries.  

Please take into account that you should ensure that there is no legal conflict between the stipulations set in your Spanish will and your foreign will.

What does Reuters Solicitors “will service” include?

Reuters Solicitors gives a full service with your Spanish will.

A) If you are based in Spain:

We will give you advise and full details of the process, so we can draft the will according to your wishes and conditions by taking into account Spanish law.

The draft will need to be legalized in front of a Notary for its effectiveness. We will assist you and we will act as your translator at the Notary.

Once the will is signed before a Spanish Notary, you will receive a copy of original document for safekeeping. The Notary will also keep an original copy of the will.

The original will must be sent to “General Registry of Wills” in Madrid for it inscription.

B) If you are not able to travel to Spain to sign your Spanish Will:

Reuters Solicitors can assist you. It is possible to sign your Spanish will in the presence of a Notary Public in your home country.  The will must then be registered in Spain.

Reuters Solicitors in Spain will draft the document in a bilingual version, in double column, English and Spanish, so that the notary can identify parties, witness you signing the document and give faith about it.

Once it is legalized in your home country, Reuters Solicitors will deal with the registration at the General Registry of Wills in Spain.

Which are the requirements to make a will?

Reuters Solicitors will provide you a will questionnaire which has been designed to help you consider some of the points you should think about in connection with your Will in Spain.

The testator will only have to visit the Notary in Spain or in his home country and sign the will.

We would like to point out that the Will is a personal disposal of your assets, so each person has to do his own Will. In case of a couple, each member has to legalize his/her own Will.

A will can be changed during the testator´s life following the same process explained above. There is no limit for changes.

If you have assets in Spain and you want to make a WILL, do not hesitate to contact REUTERS SOLICITORS:

+34 686602953