Residence for investors. Spanish Golden Visa.


In this post we explain how investors can obtain their Visa in Spain.



You can obtain a Golden Visa if you make a significant investment in Spain:

  • Real estate assets (€ 500,000)
  • Shares or bank deposits (€ 1 million)
  • “Public debt” (€ 2 million)

They can also obtain the Golden Visa together with the investor:

  • Investor’s Spouse or life partner
  • Investor’s under age children
  • Investor’s children of the fill legal age, who are still not married and economically depend on the investor
  • Investor’s parents
  • Parents of investor’s spouse



Once the investor (and his/her family) has obtained the Golden Visa:

  • He can live and work in Spain
  • He is able to freely travel across the EU thanks to the Schengen Agreement on the EU Countries
  • He can obtain health card, driver’s license exchange and any other important documentation.
  • He is not obliged to reside in Spain over 183 days. It is only required to visit Spain once during the period of residence.




1) Investor Visa

To obtain an Investor Visa it is required to invest, at least:

  • 2 million Euros in “Public Debt” (sovereign Spanish debt)
  • Or 1 million Euros by buying Spanish companies’ stock or in Spanish bank deposits.


As soon as the investment is done there is a 60 day deadline to request the visa.

  • Application form
  • Passport (original and photocopy)
  • Proof of the investment:
  • Spanish companies’ non-listed shares: Investment declaration statement previously submitted to the Foreign Investment Registry.
  • Spanish companies’ listed shares: Certificate from the financial intermediary.
  • Spanish sovereign debt (“Public Debt”): Certificate from the Spanish Central Bank or financial entity certifying sole ownership of the investment for at last 5 years.
  • Bank deposits: It is needed a certificate from the financial entity ensuring sole deposit ownership.


The Investor Visa it only lasts 1 year. After it has expired you will need a Resident Visa, which grants a renewable 2 stay period. You can read more about Resident Visa through:,

In order to obtain the Resident Visa is required to fulfill the following additional requirements:

  • Application must be made by the end or within 90 days since the Investor Visa expiry date.
  • Have visited Spain at least once during the previous Visa period.
  • Must maintain the initial requirements for the Investor Visa.
  • Tax and social security regulations observance.


2) Real Estate Visa

You can obtain the Real Estate Visa by investing, at least, € 500,000 in the acquisition of Real State in Spain. The investment of € 500,000 has to be free of charges, commissions and fees.


The investor must submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Passport (original and photocopy)
  • Proof of the purchase: Certificate from the Land Registry. It will be also valid an original copy of the purchase deeds together with a proof of the submission of the deeds at the Land Registry.

NOTE: The certificate must be submitted before the end of 90 days since visa application submission.

The Real Estate Visa only lasts 1 year. After it has expired you will need a Resident Visa (you can read more through:, which grants a renewable 2 year stay period.

In order to obtain this new Visa is required to fulfill the following additional requirements:

  • Application must be made by the end or within 90 days since the Real Estate Visaexpiry date.
  • Visit Spain at least once during the previous Visa
  • Keep the initial requirements for the Real Estate Visa.


Our service includes:

  • Official translationof documents
  • Preparationof all documents required by law.
  • Obtaining of the residence permitin Spain
  • Processing of resident cardin the immigration office of Spain
  • Consultation and detailed description of process

The cost of residence permit for investors is € 3,000 + 21% IVA (Spanish VAT) for the main investor, and € 1,000 + 21% IVA (Spanish VAT) for each member of his/her family. These fees are applicable if family member applies the visa together with the main investor.

Official fees and official translations are included at the fees.

Payment method: 50% of the value to be paid at the time of the contract and 50% after the resident permit obtainment.


Reuters Solicitors is delighted to give you advice on the Visa process.  Do not hesitate to contact us for a legal study of your case.