Can I miss a Criminal Hearing in Spain?

In this blog post, we will explain you the possible repercussions of missing a court hearing in Spain, the steps you can take to mitigate the consequences, and the importance of legal assistance in such circumstances.

Can I miss a Criminal Hearing in Spain?

It is essential to understand that failing to appear in court can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

When you miss a court hearing in Spain, the courts may proceed in your absence and make decisions that could be detrimental to your case and rights.

This could include issuing a warrant for your arrest, imposing fines, or issuing a default judgment against you.

What can I do if I cannot attend a Criminal Hearing in Spain?

We recommend you to contact a lawyer with expertise in criminal law who can handle the issue with the Court.

Our experts in Criminal law will assist you with your hearing in Spain.

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Which are the steps in case you cannot attend a Hearing in Spain?

These are the steps you need to follow if you cannot attend a Hearing in Spain:

FIRST: Contact your legal representative.

SECOND: Communicate with the court.

THIRD: Arrange a new court date at Court.

FOURTH: Seek legal advice if you do not have legal representation.

Can a Lawyer postpone a hearing?

The answer is yes.

A) If the hearing has not taken place, the lawyer can postpone the court date.

The best option will be proving to Court that it is not possible to attend the Hearing due to personal issues.

We recommend to prove good reasons why the Hearing cannot be attended, such us work commitments, bookings, medical appointments, etc.

Proves can be whatever document which justify the impossibility to attend the Hearing.

B) If the hearing took place, a lawyer can also solve the situation by requesting the removal of the arrest warrant.

Our lawyers can also issue a petition for invalidation of the trial (Nullity) in case you were not well notified.

Can the Court be contacted without lawyer?

It is also quite dif­fi­cult to con­tact Courts dir­ectly, either in writ­ing or tele­phone. It is mandatory to re­ceive no­ti­fic­a­tion through the proper chan­nels (Lexnet, or “Decanato”), which are available to lawyers and procurators.

It is crucial to say that Spanish legal system can be complex, especially if you are not familiar with the language and complexities of the legal proceedings.

The assistance of a criminal lawyer will mitigate negative consequences and will work towards a favourable resolution.

Is it possible to miss a Criminal Hearing in Spain?

Missing a court hearing in Spain can have severe consequences, including arrest warrants, fines, or default judgments as it is mandatory to attend Hearings at Courts in Spain.

We recommend to seek for legal advice so the lawyer can communicate with the Court and avoid penalties.

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